Welcome to the family!

The Boys are unsure how they feel about their new sister, but she'll be staying here for a couple of weeks before going to live in Brooklyn with Thing One. Name? Greta.

(Here's what I think things will be like while I'm at work next week)


Sherri said...




Oh, but the chart forgets "Torment older/younger/other cat", which takes up at least 4% of each of my cat's day.

Jandy said...

She is a pretty one, that's for sure. Her head makes her look delicate, but I'm sure she's all kitten.

Lazygal said...

Thing One and I are having a disagreement about her ultimate size: I say her paws are big, so she'll grow and he thinks she'll stay petite.

Of course, I'm the one with the camera, so watch out for more Gretablogging as she emerges from kitten to cat.

Aravis said...

She's a little beauty.

I like her name; that was my dog's name. *G*