We now interrupt this blog

This year has been an incredible low point in my health. Since January 1:
  • One inner ear infection
  • Two flues
  • Two bouts of laryngitis
And now
  • The THIRD sinus infection
Add on the chronic fatigue/Epstein Barr and the thyroiditis and well, life just isn't what it should be. I mean, I know I'm middle aged and all but really! This is too much.

Aravis isn't feeling well, either. Go wish her a speedy recovery.


Jandy said...
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Jandy said...

Now is when the viruses and bugs are getting smarter than the medications. Hope you feel better soon.

(had to correct major typo)

CoCo said...

(((hugs))) Get well soon...I've been taking Xyzal this year and have had zero allergy problems (which usually lead to the sinus infections). Take care!

Aravis said...

Ugh! I hope you're feeling better. Thanks for thinking of me.