No flashbacks for me!

I've been reading about this whole Recreate '68 movement (coming soon to a convention near you) and I just shake my head. While I think I understand the goals, does anyone really believe that this is like 1968? That the candidate (presumptively Obama) is the equivalent of Humphrey (or McCarthy)? Or are the organizers so blinded by the Summer of Love propaganda that they forget what actually happened during the convention in Chicago?

My parents were going to bring us to the convention in 1968, joining a number of other faculty members from Case (this was pre-merger with Western Reserve). Luckily, my sister had an earache and we didn't go, but we did watch on tv - in "living" color, no less - and they were glad we'd stayed home.

I don't think anything like those riots will happen this time, although given the WTO riots in Seattle, anything's possible. Still, the call to recreate '68 just sends shivers down my spine.

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