Primus inter pares

I've been pondering the ways in which all good relationships are alike and the ways in which they differ. It seems to me that the three essential qualities are: kindness, honesty and loyalty. The best relationships, be they professional, personal or impersonal, combine these in some way that benefits both parties.

Yesterday I mentioned this to a friend (along with my "I'm decluttering all the bad relationships" project). Her response? "yeah, you know, you're right." She then went on to muse that kindness is undervalued in daily life and in our relationships.

She's right. Of those three essentials, kindness is perhaps paramount (possibly because through kindness, the other two follow?). Kindness can be those Little Things, or it can be that Huge Kind Act that blows you away. Which ever it is, it does make relationships work better.

I've been thinking about this since our breakfast chat, and I've been thinking about the ways in which I have been more - or less - kind to the people in my life. I suspect this musing will stay with me tomorrow during Meeting, and over the next few months as I work on ways to be kinder, in small and large ways, to those around me.

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