Remember last year when I asked about a strange Roman numeral? We'd found it as the issue number for a magazine we subscribe to here at MPOW.

This week, we got a magazine's Issue 15. Problem is, so was last month's. We kinda expect Vol 1, Issue 1 to be followed by Vol 1, Issue 2. Maybe this publication's taking a mulligan?

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Jandy said...

This isn't about Imponderables (although I understand!). This is a follow up on your comment on my blog about Goodreads:

Goodreads will upload txt files. So in Book Collector I exported the ISBN, Title, and Author to a txt file, tab delimited between fields. Then I went to the Upload screen in Goodreads, browsed for the file on my hard drive, and voila! Because there are over 1000 entries it took around 20 minutes in my cable connection. There were some ISBNs not recognized, so those rows were discarded, and some came up with weird entries that I had to delete. (I know I don't own any philosophy books in German - at least I think it was philosophy...)The list still needs cleaning up.

I still have to figure out the wish list part, though. Since that list is pretty informal, I'll probably have to do them manually.