Price of gas getting to you?

Something to think about from the Northeast Kingdom (þ: Thing One)

While I may not agree with all of it, I've always thought that it's absolutely wrong of us to assume that polluting others' environment and digging for oil elsewhere is fine, while preserving our own portion of the globe for "cosmetic" reasons (eg., Kennedy v. windfarms).

Let's drill ANWR. Let's explore sugar cane-based ethanol. Let's increase our nuclear power plants. And let's stop pretending that the US has the right to $1/gallon oil.


Aravis said...

A couple of years ago I saw a special on 60 Minutes in which they covered the ethanol. In this instance they used corn instead of sugar cane, and found it worked just as well. This supported the depressed market; farmers were going broke until this came along. I think it's a great idea, and there are gas stations which make use of this new fuel. Sadly for us, none of them are anywhere near here. Ford had even started making cars which would run well on it.

Frustrating that it isn't more available, and that we don't turn focus on it as and excellent primary resource to replace our oil consumption. Then there are those engines which have been adapted to run on vegetable oil. I read recently that restaurants' old oil is being stolen for this purpose. It would seem that companies have begun to spring up which buy it from restaurants to be sold as fuel, and they are charging a lot of money for it. They are angry that people are stealing it from the restaurants in the middle of the night.

To be honest, there's a part of me that cheers for the thieves. It was their idea to begin with, and they were mocked for it. Yes, I know that this is how business works, but I can't help but root for them anyway.

Anonymous said...

ethanol is a scam as it's just causing food to be more expensive and still costs more to make than gasoline.
while I don't believe in putting derricks everywhere, the first ones should go up in areas (La Jolla, Hyanisport) so that the elitists can show that they're willing to sacrifice.
if anyone in the good old USA thinks that China and India aren't working away at a gas substitute they're gonzo.
want to solve the mid east problem? come up with a viable alternative and let them drink their oil....oooops, can't do that as too many fat, rich people in the west are making money off of the poor snooks who have to drive 60-80 miles to their Walmart job.