Half as long, twice as nice

An old colleague used to say that about many of the speeches we'd hear (at Commencement, at Convocation, on Class Day, or our school's equivalent). She's right: all too often people go on for too damn long. She wanted to edit out the fluff, cutting to the chase.

Big Pharma feels the same thing about drugs, apparently.

Remember when you had to take antibiotics for a couple of weeks? Perhaps one or two pills each day? Then came the Z-pack, which was one pill for five days.

Last week I went to the doctor for a nagging, niggling cough (following a week of feeling Pretty Sick and losing my voice for the second time in 2008). She prescribed a Tri-Pack, three pills/three days. Nice. Even I could remember that (although the "please finish your pills even though you may be feeling better" warning took me aback: were there really people who'd stop after one or two days?!)

And I've just read about the Zmax. Up next? Perhaps one pill at birth!

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