Good for him!

I just learned that NYC's Mayor Bloomberg is planning to close several miles of streets on Saturdays. A few Saturdays in August, that is. Not forever, and not for a while.

I'm all for it. When I was a much younger (but still Lazy) Gal, I lived in Geneva, Switzerland. It was during 1973-74, and the oil crisis was raging worldwide (sounds familiar, doesn't it?). The Powers That Be in Bern decided to decree that all driving, except for absolute emergency driving, was verboten. Vietato. Interdit. The city was quiet on those days, with families either traveling on Saturday and staying over until Monday or hanging out around the house.

There's something to be said for being quiet, for taking time and not feeling the rush, rush, rush to get somewhere or do something. If walking around NYC for a few Saturdays can help people learn that, well, yay Mayor Bloomberg!

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Terri B. said...

Wow. That is very brave of him. You know Americans and their cars! I kind of liked it when I was a kid and most everything closed down on Sundays. There was still some driving about, but it was minimal and not frantic. It pretty much forced people to take a break.