Books, Glorious Books

One of my colleagues is retiring this year. Like me, she's a voracious reader - we've had many lovely conversations about books and genres. Imagine my pleasure when she invited me to come and peruse (and take!) her "cast-offs". There were more unwanted books there than most people have in their permanent collections.


I teetered down the stairs from her apartment and carefully brought my treasured horde to my office. Slowly the books will make their way to my house and Mt. Bookpile. I'm so looking forward to finishing my Summer Reading Challenge and enjoying some Adult Reading. And thanks to her(?), I now have a new outcropping to climb!

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Sherri said...

I have my usual complaint -- complete lack of concentration, so I haven't read anything in weeks. I'm disgusted, but that doesn't help. I am not buying, borrowing, or even coveting books at the moment.

*sigh* I miss being a voracious reader. I can't remember how I did it for so long.