I finally heard back from Catalog Choice regarding their really low rate of success. Apparently the reason is
For a catalog to change from "Unconfirmed" to 'Confirmed", one of out merchant account managers needs to establish a relationship with the catalog company. This can be a relatively quick process; or it can take weeks or even months - it depends on the merchant. With six merchant account managers, we are quickly tackling all of the catalogs in our system - but it will take some time before they are all "confirmed".
What irritates me most is the way this service is being billed: that there already are relationships with various merchants and that there will be a relatively quick resolution (if by "relatively quick" you mean 6-10 weeks).

So I'm still recycling too many catalogs and hoping for the best. You?


Sherri said...

When I filled out my forwarding address card, I think there was a check box to NOT get catalogs and so forth. So far, not a one.

Lazygal said...

Sherri, I did the same. After a few months, though... Some catalogs never found me, but others (new ones) did. Remember, they buy mailing lists so if you're on any magazine subscriptions or anything like that, they'll find you. Bwaaahhhhh