Too comfortable to blog

Right now I'm watching the Celtics and hoping they make it to their 17th banner. My tv is in my room, "hidden" in my armoire. There's still work to be done on the insurance claim, and a number of Web Clutter posts to annotate.


Today I got my new living room furniture. Two cuddlers and an ottoman. They're cuddly. I started the Sunday paper, and fell asleep. Thing One woke me up for the game, otherwise I would have stayed there snoozing and reading all day.

As I told Doug, I'm planning on spending a lot of time there reading and snoozing and less time up here watching tv and online. You can keep track of my reading over at the GoodReads widget, and you know I'm not completely abandoning you. Just focusing on me and what's important for right now. Me, the books, The Boys... You get the picture.

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