Summer Reading Challenge

No, this isn't the type of Reading Challenge that my friend Shree seems to do, this is a personal challenge: I'm going to read all the Children's/Young Adult books on Mt. Bookpile. That includes all the ones I know I'll pick up at ALA Annual in a month. Luckily, I think I can get through about a book a day (remember, many of these are thin books with Big Print and lots of white space).

Stay tuned!


Sherri said...

If you're really diligent (or have a long, rainy weekend), you could probably manage more. I spent a day reading Gail Larson Levine and got through three while still managing the laundry.

I just reread Julie Edwards (Andrews) "Mandy", having dug it from a box. The writing itself doesn't excite me as it did when I was younger, but the story still pleases me.

Lazygal said...

Yeah, I know, but I'm figuring an average of one/day (so a book like House of Djinn will balance The Annotated Annge of Green Gables).

Anonymous said...

Easy peasy challenge! But sounds like fun.