Let's name names

While many of my friends, acquaintances and others were watching programs like Desperate Housewives last night, Thing One and I were watching Prime Minster's Questions on C-SPAN. If you've never watched it, I can't recommend it enough. Why? Because it's an interesting way for the party in power to respond, publicly, to issues and controversies and for those not in power to posture and accuse. No matter who the PM is, no matter how "damaged" they are, they have to stand there and respond to questions from all sides.

Unless you've been living in a cave, you know that there have been two recent natural disasters in the East: the Burman Cyclone and the Chinese Earthquake. Gordon Brown updated the House on the rescue/aid efforts in Burma, which met with approval from the Shadow PM, David Cameron. However, this exchange struck me:
Richard Bacon (South Norfolk, Conservative) Which country or countries blocked a meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Burma, and what diplomatic pressure are we applying on them?

Gordon Brown (Prime Minister; Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath, Labour) We are applying a great deal of pressure, and I think it would be in our interest to apply that pressure rather than to name names at present.
No. Let's name name. Who doesn't want to help the Burmese (besides the ruling junta, that is)? Who is trying to block humanitarian efforts? Who is playing politics with people's lives in this despicable manner?

As Cameron said earlier: Everyone will have seen the very swift response of the Chinese Government, which is in stark contrast to the reaction of the regime in Burma, where the neglect of the military junta is turning a natural disaster into a man-made catastrophe.

Given China's involvement in Darfur, one can only imagine who those "nameless" countries are.

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stj said...

A by-passed comment by McCain was that, if elected, he would like to do that at Congress. While it would be interesting I can just hear the sound now of roaches running from the light.....both Dem and Rep roaches.
Don't really know if this can be done but it sure would be an improvement over the current garbage going on now which is nothing.