Can't take the stress...

It's year-end and there's a lot that needs to be done -- ordering new books for the new year, trying to pre-plan for next year's projects, inventory, updating things, creating an annual report, etc..

And it's time to start thinking about summer vacation, and the things I'll accomplish at home, like finally getting the last bits painted, and working on decreasing Mt. Bookpile (five books this weekend!), and organizing the basement, etc..

I also need to take care of my health (which, according to the doctor, is not "low enough" to be treated).

So what am I focusing on? The Celtics. One of my favorite colleagues (he introduced me to the phrase "Massholes" when describing those of us from MA or who root for Boston-based teams behind "enemy" lines) told me not to fall in love too quickly again. We had the Sox win this year. The Celtics have done far better than ever expected. Prepare to have my heart broken again.

Yeah. Right. Like you can ever prepare for that.

ETA: Four points is not a comfortable lead. So there, Thing One!

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