Abby something... Abby Normal?

I'm so frustrated with doctors right now. One doctor, an endocrinologist, says I'm fine. My nutritionist says, no, you have low Vitamin D and T4/T3 counts. My doctor, who redid all the blood work, had her nurse call to say you're normal (which here means "on the borderline with very low but still in the normal range but not really"). And yes, the Vitamin D count was low (so, "low" is the new "normal"?) and oh, well, yeah, the TSH count has fallen in the past month.

So, perhaps not so much with the "normal". More like Abby Normal.

I suggested that my doctor actually look at the results in light of my chronic fatigue and perhaps think about what we could do. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm taking another nap.

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doug0077 said...

The LWW is reading Pollan's _In Defense of Food. He writes that the vitamin business has no basis in science or research. It's all a crap shoot.

He also says its better to eat real butter than margarine. Yeah!

For what it's worth.

Dr. Doug