No Mo' Mo'

As previously blogged, I spent most of my Spring Break being very lazy. I also started Helidac for my ulcers (those pesky bacteria didn't die the first time).

After about 10 days of relaxing, my parents showed up. My father likes to be useful, so I had quite the To Do list for him (including fixing a microwave, installing cabinets and shelving, and repairing toilets). All my resting up over the previous days meant that I could tackle (with my mother's help) my closets and office space. I had The Big Mo'!

By the time my parents left on Sunday, not only was I exhausted, the side effects had set in. Monday, I couldn't drive safely thanks to the nausea, and there's another that still is a problem, even though I've stopped the drugs (luckily, I didn't get the black tongue side effect!).

For the past few days, all I've been able to do is come home, curl up and do virtually nothing. Mentally, I'm psyched to finish the organizing and tossing and eBaying and Goodwilling... but physically? No Mo' Mo'.

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