The Latte-effect

Breaking news: Starbucks' profits may be down this quarter. No kidding. Why? Has America gotten tired of overly expensive, overly caffeinated, overly large drinks?

No. It's the economy, stupid (to quote James Carville). Apparently we have enough smarts to realize that when it's a choice between a $4.00 Cappuccino and a $1.00 Dunkin' Donuts, and housing payments need to be made and gas is steadily climbing in price, it's prudent to go with the Dunkin' Donuts. Or, better yet, $.50 coffee from the cart on the corner.

Apparently, botox and Lasix appointments are also down. If only this trend would continue! We may end up with people that resemble people, not some yuppified plastic version of our old selves.

Shock! Horror!

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Anonymous said...

I've even been making my own coffee in the morning and taking a travel mug to work! It's $1.25 a (16-oz) cup at the corner store, and, though theirs is very good (puts Starbucks to shame), I'm surviving. :-)