It's nice to have friends

This has, by almost every measure, been a Very Bad Week, and on all fronts. You name it, it's been stressful (including an e-mail argument with my nutritionist over Trader Joe's). The piece de resistance? Today, I got my first sunburn of the season. I kid you not.

One of my colleagues knows that this week has been a Very Bad Week. She also has "connections" of the most wonderful sort. She knows someone, who knows people, who have access to press preview DVDs of Masterpiece Theatre shows. So today she handed me Cranford, due to air in May. She hasn't even seen it!

So tonight, rather than staying late and working or coming home and taking care of the house and other things, I'm curling up with The Gang, popping in the DVD and indulging in a little Elizabeth Gaskell (what, you've never heard of her? for shame!)

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