In which I get to impersonate the Berlin Wall (and fail to get a good night's sleep)

Lulu's here. She was just here three months ago, and a fragile peace between her and Mallory had been achieved. You'd think that'd stick, right?


So last night, I brought her into bed with me, hoping that the Strong Arms of Mommy would lessen all the growling and hissing (Bri knows how that feels with her CIO issues). Well, that only worked to a point. IF my arms were physically protecting her, she'd growl in that growl/purr kind of way, but the minute I moved we were back to full-throated noises.

I also tried curling my body around her, forming a barricade to keep The Boys from getting too close (although she never seems to have a problem with Bogie, and within a day they'll be cuddling together). My hope was that between her purr/growl and my body, we'd all be ok. You know, like the Berlin Wall or Korea's DMZ. Definitely not like Hadrian's Wall or (even worse) the Maginot Line. Just a nice blockade, separating the Girl from The Boys, with the Human in the middle, and allowing us all to get some sleep.

Well, it worked. Little Guy was channeling Truman for all he was worth, and tried to breach the Wall by climbing over, tunneling under, yowling louder in an effort to get to Lulu.

At about 3, I decided this was just not a good plan and kicked the boys out of my room so we could all sleep... until 4 when they wanted breakfast. I finally got some (restless) sleep from 6 to 7:30, and I'm hoping that now Lulu is safe in my closet (her choice) and Mallory is just lying there watching to see what she does next, I can catch a nap and actually start my day.

I often joke that I don't need kids, I have cats. Here's proof.

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Murphy Jacobs said...

OH no! Brave kitty mommy!

Lately my two boys are sparring more than ever. It's mostly the older one. He's got an extra serving of pissy sauce lately. The younger male is acting much as always. Day, night, morning, evening, the peace is disturbed at some point. I only have to play part time peacemaker, tho -- they usually retreat to their corners.

We move them in two weeks. I'm not looking forward to this. It's a two stage move -- first an hour north to Mom's house for a 3 day stay (mostly in her screen room. She also has a cat who does not like ANYONE, much less other cats). Then we will make the 8 hour trek to the new abode. While I hope the trip will bond all the kitties into one mass of mutual love, I suspect that everyone will blame everyone else, and that something will get peed on.

Yeah, cats are as much of children as I need most days. At least I don't have to send them to college.