The Worst Human on the Planet

That would be me. Now, you may be asking, "How did Lazygal earn that title?" Well...

Three days ago I decided to be a Responsible Mom and arranged for my Big Boy (all 16lbs of him) to go to the vet (regular check-up/shots, plus he's been pulling hair from his legs). So two days ago I grabbed him, put him in the carrier and brought him to the new vet. He loved the drive and looking out the window, and was relatively calm during the exam.

So far, so good. I thought that we might be able to replicate that success with Little Guy (15lbs, so little only compared to Big Boy). The baleful glare when I got him into the carrier... Then, at the vet, he just lay in the scale and trembled. Trembled! He was so happy to get into the carrier to come home.

Little did he know...

Little Guy has bad teeth. We used to get them cleaned annually, but since leaving Brooklyn they haven't been. I made the appointment for today. That meant that food was not left out all night, and that Mean Horrible Mommy ignored pleas for breakfast. I think he knew something was up because he usually sleeps on my feet but last night he slept on my pillow, and rather than run around once I opened my bedroom door he just curled back up in bed; he also gave me little resistance when I put him back in the carrier.

But those eyes, and that sigh of resignation! Tore at my heart, let me tell you. And then there's the look on Big Boy's face when he saw only one breakfast bowl, or his wandering around the house trying to figure out why he's all alone. Heartrending.

Little Guy'll be home tonight, with no plans for any trips for a while. However, Grandma and Grandpa will be here for a few days...

The Boys hate me. I truly am the Worst Human on the Planet.


doug0077 said...

Don't beat yourself up.

I don't think there is ANY evidence to suggest cats care a bit about what we think of them or they think of us.

All the best,


Murphy Jacobs said...

Oh, I know that look. I'm about to get it 5 times over as I haul my brood to our Florida vet for a last check up/travel preparation. Then I will get it as the house empties. Then there will be much screaming as we drive north (only I will be in the car with the plants and the birds while Husband will have the demons..er..cats). THEN I will get it again as they are stuffed into a single room while we move in. And I will get it when we open that door and let them see the new place. And I'll get it when we haul them to the new vet for a first visit.

However, I've learned that canned catfood causes memory loss in cats. Catnip, too. I get forgiveness via bribes.

Lazygal said...

Sherri, I'm thinking of tuna fish for dinner. It'll take a lot more than that for Big Boy right now (I'm using The Monster - aka the vacuum - and he's very unhappy.

What's it that CS Lewis said? Cats have staff?

Aravis said...

Ooh, I know those looks as well. :0( It's so hard not to succumb, isn't it? But hold onto the knowledge that you did the right thing; they will ultimately be happier for it. After all, without teeth, how could they enjoy all the yummy treats you send their way? *G*