Update on The Boys

Little Guy lost two teeth and looked so pathetic when he got out of the carrier: wide eyed, staggering, scared. My heart went out to him and I felt so bad that I'd done this to him and then brought him home when Grandma and Grandpa were here.

You see, neither of my parents are cat people. My father's a petophobe, and my mother's a dog person. So there's no sense of "oooooh, you cute adorable kitty cat you!" from them, and they visibly withdraw when one gets near them. My father will, grudgingly, pet them but that's about it.

Luckily, we spent yesterday shopping, so The Boys had the house to themselves and they seem relatively normal today. Plus, Thing One (aka "Daddy") will be here tonight and tomorrow, so lots of love and cuddles will be available. Should they ever decide to leave the safety of Under Mommy's Bed, that is.

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Sherri said...

Have the critterbabies recovered from all Teh Traaaama?

We had Pooty's teeth done a few years ago. UGH! Was all nasty bad, and it took him about 4 days before he'd speak to me. But, he didn't lose any teeth, and they are healthy and fine now as he turns 11.