Sounds of silence

This article in the NYTimes got me thinking about a few things: these recent Tech-No posts, Meeting, and the joys of turning off.

I'm more entwined with technology than I think I want to admit, even to myself. Yes, I take great pride in not having my cell phone on all the time (with an answering machine at home and voice mail at work, do I really need to?), but that's only one side of not being "plugged in." I recently counted my e-mail accounts: I have at least 9 of them. Several feed into others, but still. Nine. That's not counting mailboxes on social sites where people can (and sometimes do) leave messages. There are 128 feeds in my Bloglines account. I may not have a DVR, but I use my VCR daily. I do increasingly more of my banking on-line. Yet I still write with fountain pens, collect cards and "snail mail" them to friends. I haven't used my iPod much since I left NYC, preferring to listen to entire CDs as I drive to and from work. Sounds an awful lot like justification, doesn't it?

It's Sunday, and I'm feeling angsty about work, and about life. I have several half-written blog posts in the queue, I have to work on another blog to get it ready for tomorrow, I have bills to pay and taxes to figure out, I have books to read and movies to watch. Yet all I want to do is nap with The Boys, attend on-line Meeting, and veg.

Perhaps it's my body telling me to turn off. Perhaps there's a cultural vibe telling me that. Perhaps I'm just Lazy.

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Aravis said...

Perhaps you just need a break, and some time just for you.

As if it was a sign, the word "bed" can be found in the word verification code that Blogger is providing me.