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Jandy said...

That settles our discussion about previous books in a mystery series, doesn't it? We have 6 months.

Some books should never be spoiled. My brother spoiled The Murder of Roger Ackroyd for me. I then read the whole thing telling myself he had to be wrong...

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Jandy. In my comment on LG's spoiler post from last year, I mentioned The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, which I remember some people on a mystery list I once frequented getting upset about after the ending was spoiled in an incidental comment in a post about another book.

I myself have been chastised for the most innocent of "spoilers" in my blog. I don't give away movie or TV endings, but once when I said I was enjoying the new character dynamics in the most recent season of House, I was asked by someone from the UK to put all House comments-- even very vague ones-- behind a LiveJournal cut, since they are a season or two behind over there. It probably wasn't fair of her to ask, but it also wasn't that hard to comply.

Remember the Happy Days episode when the Cunningham Srs. were trying to choose a movie, and every time they names one, Ralph would give away the ending? ("Maybe we'll see Mister Roberts." "I cried when he died.")

[Oops. Spoiler above. Should I have done that?]

Musing said...

Thanks for linking to Blogtations!

And I like those official spoiler guidelines. The ones for operas made me laugh. :)