Indie film alert!

Last night Thing Two and I went to see The Band's Visit in Rhinebeck. It's one of those quiet films, with not much happening and no great Purpose. What I mean is, you don't go away thinking "shit blew up good" or "wow, I really need to think about this". You do go away having enjoyed yourself, however. The humanness of the film, those moment that make you want to laugh or nod in recognition, is what did it for me (I even got the initial problem, that of confusing "Beit Hatikvah" with "Petah Tikva" -- if you've ever traveled on NJTransit east, you've heard the "Newark Penn Station"/"New York Penn Station" confusion, usually solved with an irritated ticket collector asking which state do you want???)

I just looked up Beit Hatikvah, and learned the irony of the name in the movie. Hee.

Thing Two didn't enjoy it as much, possibly because there was a scene with watermelon (he's a melonophobe, don't ask me why) and a scene with Greek toes (he's the 'close friend' mentioned here). But I'll let him comment on his blog, or here, if he so desires.

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