Did I miss a memo?

When I'm driving to work, I take a "parkway" (eg, no trucks allowed) for most of the trip. When I get to the exit I need, it's a what they call a long right curve, then a gentle left and then right again (it's the closest I get to an F1 chicane!). At two places during this exit I can decide to go left or right.

So, I'm driving along and turn on my right turn signal. I keep it on until I reach a point where there's no possible other turn for me to take. Even though I took Driver's Ed. 30 years ago, it's what I was told to do. The vast majority of the time the car ahead of me does not signal at all, just veers right and then left without warning.

Did someone change the rules and forget to tell me?

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Sherri said...

Haven't you noticed? So many cars produced in the last few years apparently come without turn signals. I guess they are no longer standard (although I didn't notice an add-on charge when I bought my car last year). Even the most expensive luxury vehicles seem to lack turn signals.

I suppose they are just passe, like the cigarette lighter and AM radios...