I'm much better now!

After a slight Bad Patch (reading-wise, that is), I rebounded with two books that I can highly recommend... when they actually get released, that is.

One is I am Scout, a biography of Harper Lee. The other is The Host, by Stephanie Meyer. The first doesn't need much selling, does it? I mean, you either like biography and/or want to learn more about Harper Lee (for, say, a paper on To Kill a Mockingbird), or you don't. But the second?

In my GoodReads review, I mention that there's a little too much "chick stuff" in it to appeal to my boy readers -- romance isn't going to cut it for them. I can understand that. Some "boy" books don't appeal to me, so why should the reverse not be the case? It is a huge issue for librarians: how do we hook boys into reading? This book has other things to offer, but for them, the sticking point will be the "ucky romantic stuff". Had Meyer stuck to the issues of what makes us human, and the idea of fighting an invasive, parasitic alien species, they'd be all over it.

I got an ARC of this book at ALA Midwinter, and promptly let a colleague read it. This was at a time when grading/progress reports were due. The next day she told me I was evil. Evil, evil, evil. Why? Because the book was that good. It's been here waiting for me to read for a couple of weeks now and, well, I stayed up waaaaaay past my bedtime to finish it.

Tired? You bet. But happy? Ditto.

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Jandy said...

Someone else recently recommended Stephenie Meyer to me but I hadn't tried any of her stuff yet. My library doesn't show this title on order, so I put in a request for them to purchase it. Meanwhile I reserved one of her earlier books - Thanks LazyGal