The 6-word meme

I didn't think of this as a meme when I read Terry's post. Then Cam decided she was up for it... and today I saw Little Professor's post.

So. My life, in six words? Hard to do. There's the trite (something about cats, something about books - six words in themselves!) but I don't want to be trite. I could riff on the Lazy theme. Of course, I could also go with an in joke (something about Thing One eating my cookie - ask him about that one), or a generic quote. After much mulling, pondering, counting (thank you Jack, for teaching me how to be precise!), I've come up with:
Killin' time being lazy no more
Jandy, Doug, Sherri, Nancy and Elizabeth - over to you. Anyone else want to join in? Feel free.


Alice in Infoland said...

hmmm ... I guess I'm "Out of step all too often."

Nancy White said...

chocolate, learning, online too much, wheeee!

Sherri said...

Oh, I have a quote that sums me -- can we use quotes?

"Try again. Fail again. Fail better." -- Samuel Beckett

I always thought that summed my life up neatly.

Jandy said...

Busy with family, work, and reading


Just when I thought of resting...