Year End Reading Update

ETA: This post has been sitting as a draft for over a month!!! High time we closed out 2007, right?

Counting down from last year's 4072 books left to read, I've got 3952 more books enjoy. 379 of them are sitting on Mt. Bookpile as I type! So, what did I do with the books I've read this past year? Well, first, for lists, go here, here, here and here.

Second, here's the analysis (2006 numbers in parens):

number of books read in 2007: 120 (132)
best month: October/20 books
worst month: December/3
average read per month: 10 (11)
adult fiction as percentage of total: 16 (14)
children's/YA fiction as percentage of total: 44 (40)
mystery as percentage of total: 25 (12)
books read that were published in 2007: 70

For other reading round-ups (and to get ideas for your 2008 reading):

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