Politically free zone

A few weeks ago, one of my classmates sent out an e-mail (apparently to a select few) touting her joy and support for Barak Obama's candidacy. A week or so later, someone else in my class responded touting her joy and support for Hilary Clinton's candidacy. There were a few more e-mails, including a request for the original Obama mail to be re-sent.

At that point, I sent out an e-mail asking that we STOP this. I know my classmates, and I know that we're not all Democrats. Heck, we're not even all Americans! And, to be honest, I do not share this joy and enthusiasm. In my opinion, the best candidates on both sides have withdrawn, leaving us with the same old choice between who's less incompetent/slightly more qualified/somewhat palatable. I don't want to hear paens extolling this or that candidate: to me, they're all lesser choices.

Did my plea work? Of course not. First there were a few "yes, I agree" e-mails. Then a round of "I totally agree with L[azygal] but let me tell you who I'm excited about"s. ENOUGH already.

So, in my inimitable Take Charge way, I set up a YahooGroup site for my class. I'll occasionally peek in to see what's going on, but I can avoid reading about their politics. Because I just don't care. I get enough at work (where I can't really control the conversation or move it away from me) and amongst my friends I'd rather just steer far, far away from these conversations.

That's why you will not be reading about who I'm voting for, and why. You may get the occasional "don't be a knee-jerk [insert name of party] voter" rant, but beyond that, you're on your own.

Good luck, and may God Bless America.

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