Misunderstanding the point

TV Tattle usually does a great job of summarizing entertainment news. This time, however...

"M*A*S*H" set is being rebuilt at a Malibu park
The Malibu Creek State Park is trying to honor its cinematic past with a partially restored "M*A*S*H" set. The iconic TV series, along with a bunch of movies, used the park as a shooting location for most of the last century.
After trying to figure out how long M*A*S*H had been on the air ("most" of the last century? really??) I clicked on the link. What the piece actually says is that for most of the last century, the park served as a shooting location for the iconic TV series and a bunch of movies.


Sherri said...


I've been doing a lot of proofreading for literature advertising a 'learning center' franchise with which my boss is involved. I've seen some grammar on par with that in the stuff they use nationally. I'm only looking for printing errors, so I can't correct the horrors, although we have slipped in some less noticeable changes along with graphic corrections.

It would inspire ME to spend thousands of dollars on their learning programs, let me tell you.

Aravis said...

Yes, that was poorly worded.

On a related note, during interviews with M*A*S*H actors, they mentioned more than once the fact that there actually were rats on the set. I don't think I would want to tour the rebuilt set if rats are still a part of the environment!