Heaven? Hell? Somewhere in between?

Yesterday, Thing One and I had a nearly perfect day. The bad part was that Lulu went home, after a month here. The Boys and I miss her, but Thing One missed her more (and her purr and tail shake whenever he was here prove that she missed him far more than she enjoyed being here). So we drove down, listening her her yowl the entire 67-mile drive.

Once she was safely at home, we went to Jack the Horse for brunch. If you're ever in Brooklyn Heights, go there. The food was good, and the ambiance made me feel like this could be a good "local". One caveat: the French Brioche Toast slices are literally the size of a dinner plate. I'm just saying.

After that it was off to the local health food supermarket, then the movies. I really like this theatre, and it played a huge part in convincing Thing One that he wanted to move to Cobble Hill waaay back when we were thinking of moving in together. Another plus is that it's across the street from Sweet Melissa, home of the best granola anywhere.

So, what movie? In Bruges (hence the title of this post). It's now cliche to say that Colin Farrell gives his best performance, but really, whoda thunk he could pull this one off? Yes, he's profane (it is Colin Fucking Farrell, after all) but he's also sweet and tortured and it's just a great piece of acting on his part. That's not to say that the rest of the cast is a bunch of do-nothing pikers, either. Brendan Gleeson gives just as good a performance as Farrell, and Ralph Feinnes turns what could be a caricature into a well-rounded person. Even better, for Thing One, is that Zeljko Ivanek plays a pivotal role (he's one of the Top Five Guys To Look Out For, according to Thing One). Even the violence was manageable, and the language was absolutely funny. I mean, really, was it necessary to have 20 "fucks" in the first couple of minutes? No, it wasn't. But it was funny. After a while, you just don't even notice it. My advice? Go for it. You won't regret the money spent. Really.

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