Busy MLK Day

(for e-tech)

I managed to take two whole days off to relax and read, but today I had a lot to do: budget reconciliation, typing notes for a meeting on the rebuilding, etc..

I did try to overcome all obstacles, but...

"You really want to go through me to get to this stuff?"

"Look, Mom, we're not in your way!"

But obviously my typing is a problem.


E said...

Hooray for a cats in bed post! I am so jealous. :) Penn State was not even closed today.

Did I ever tell you that our cats look almost exactly the same? I have one black one and one white/striped tabby too. Perhaps that is why I enjoy these posts so much.

Aravis said...

You've got to love them. They demand it. *G*

They really are quite handsome, and obviously have their paws through trying to keep you in line. :0)