A P.L.A.I.N. Jane project

Anyone else read The Plain Janes? It's one of the few graphic novels I've been able to read (sorry, the genre may be wonderful, but my brain just can't process them properly). Anyway, P.L.A.I.N. stands for "People Loving Art In Neighborhoods". In that spirit, I share something I saw on Nancy's Full Circle Blog:

Go for it!


What do I have to do?

Twice today I've been called by the wrong name. By vendors. People trying to get my business.

The first vendor (who has done this before) and I e-mailed a few times, and I finally wrote, "By the way, my name is L[azygal]". I got a phone call semi-apologizing, but mentioning that there's an actress with a similar name blah blah blah.

That's definitely the way to my wallet: blame my parents for my name and the confusion it supposedly engenders.

I just got another e-mail from someone I spoke to at Midwinter, and who has my information written down in front of him. As in, no possibility of a typo.

It's actually gotten worse since I moved to MPOW.

I'm thinking of changing my name. I just don't want to admit defeat.


Notes from Mt. Bookpile

Children's/Young Adult
  • Magdalene Angela Elwell Hunt Not the Da Vinci-alike I was fearing, just historical fiction about the life of the Magdalene. Not sure I bought it, but not bad either
  • After River Donna Miller Quiet, enjoyable, but predictable
  • Consumption Kevin Patterson Predictable, but very powerful all the same
  • The Lunatic Anthony Winkler Couldn't finish


  • Christine Falls Benjamin Black Good mystery by John Banville; looking forward to reading the next one
  • The Nicholas Feast, Pat McIntosh If you like medieval mysteries, this is a good series (no Cadfael, but then, what is?)
  • The Savage Garden Mark Mills Disappointing mystery with the solution telegraphed well before the reveal
  • Plain Truth Jodi Picoult I've never read Jodi Picoult before, but this was an interesting mystery and I wouldn't mind reading more
  • Exit Music, Ian Rankin Let's hope that this isn't the last Rebus.


Total removed from Mt. Bookpile this quarter: 32
New books added to Mt. Bookpile this quarter: 42
Net gain: 10

Guess I need to read faster!