Try a little priest... and some moo shu

Tuesday, Thing One and I celebrated a "Jewish Christmas" by going to Sweeney Todd and then out to dinner. He'd never before realized how ingrained this particular tradition is in Jewish life, but almost every Jew he spoke with concurred. Dinner should be Chinese, but there are - gasp - places where there is no Chinese. Imagine!

When we walked into the multiplex, he was shocked to see that Empire Dragon had posted signs saying they were open on Christmas. Well, duh.

Even my parents, in SmallCity went to a Chinese restaurant (they'd miscalculated the time of the movie, though).

So, for your holiday enjoyment, here are Little Professor's Sweeney Links and a great Christmas Tradition video.

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Anonymous said...

My family's thoroughly Protestant, and most of us hit a movie on Christmas Day, as well. But this year, we also had ... take-out Chinese food for dinner! Moo shu pork, shredded checken in garlic sauce, steamed dumplings... yum, yum.

I might be a little too squeamish for this version of Sweeney, though.