'Tis the season to be cranky

Bah humbug.

Seriously. I've sent out my Christmas and Seasons cards already, I've sent out handwritten notes to several long-time correspondents (and I've got more ready to mail tomorrow) and what do I get in response?

E-mail. And e-cards.

Are people really so lazy (lazier than I?!) or so addicted to this electronic format that they can't take a few moments to put pen/pencil/crayon to paper/old newspaper/a wrapping from Dunkin' Donuts and write/scrawl something?

I just did a notetaking lesson with our fifth grade. We talked about how it was ok to use "text" language (if u cn rd ths...) to take notes, to text, to IM but how it was not ok to use it when you wrote a paper, or in an e-mail to your teacher, or when you sent thank-you notes to your grandmother for that hideous navy and florescent green scarf and hat set she knitted for you (yes, I'm still scarred after all these years!). Better still, they all knew that they would be writing thank you notes in the very near future. Not thank you e-mails.

My fifth graders get it. Why can't the adults in my life?

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Nancy White said...

Finally getting around to catching up on your blog. I'm in admiration you get cards done at all - paper or electronic. What used to be a slow time for business is yet again another busy time. What are we doing to ourselves?

On the paper/electronic thing. I have very mixed feelings about this. I love the warmth and touch of physical cards, but I begin to question the waste of the paper, the oil to transport it, etc. This may be trivial at the individual level, but it adds up to part of the "we are destroying the earth for our grandchildren" (either individual or viewed communally) thing that is really starting to weigh on me.

So my priorities are this:

1. communicate with those I care about one way or another. That is the most important thing

2. when sending paper, make it homemade and recycled (which will reduce the number if you are lazy like I am...fwiw.)

3. what else?