These are the people in my neigborhood

Ken Jennings posted a link to RottenNeighbor.com . Rotten Neighbors? Oh, the stories I could tell!

Not about my current neighbors - they seem friendly, and (most important) when I'm home I don't get disturbed by them/their parties (windchimes are another matter entirely).

What a welcome relief. Years ago I lived next to Bobby, who fancied himself a drummer. If drumming is banging sticks against a drum set, he was. If drumming is doing that rhythmically or with some finesse, well... not so much.

Thing One and I lived above succeeding groups of law students. We dealt with everything from their Sunday football parties to their late-night pot smoking binges. Once, we actually called the police because they were outside, making a lot of noise, at 3am (a party that never wanted to end).

And then there was the questionable music choice from my previous landlord.

All-in-all, I'm happy and thankful to be living here.

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