Politically Incorrect

As you know, I'm not one for voting the party line "because" - I like to find out where the candidates stand on the issues and then choose my candidate based on their matching my views/opinions.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that Mike Huckabee was echoing my thoughts from years before (for different reasons, so he's not on my "to vote for" list... yet).

Way back when, just after college, I worked for an Off-Broadway theatre company (the now-defunct Circle Repertory Company). This was 1984-86, just at the start of the AIDS epidemic here in America. One of my bosses, a gay man, used to go to some huge gay disco in Ossining and pick up men - random strangers with whom he'd have sex. This seemed excessive and just, well, wrong, but then, I'm a little old-fashioned about certain things. At the end of the 84/85 season, we produced Hoffman's AsIs, the first play about the effects of AIDS on the gay community. It was a very, very powerful production (although the 1989 revival already seemed quite dated and I'm sure it's not produced now, even as a period piece).

Yet as I read about the spread of AIDS, and the actions of ACT UP, I wondered: why aren't we treating this like other epidemics? Is it really fair to all people (gay, straight, bi, non) to allow people that potentially could kill others to just roam among us, rather than using quarantine and other methods to contain, and possibly eradicate this disease? Elizabeth Pisani seems to agree with me. How nice, 20+ years later, to be validated.


Anonymous said...

Definitely quarantine. I'm tired of catching HIV from someone breathing on me.

Lazygal said...

Back then, none of my friends thought breathing was the method of transmission. Quarantine is an effective method of containing diseases (just look at the recent SARS episode); why make this one disease "different"?