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This seems to have been the Year of Women in Concert - first Marianne Faithful, then Camille and now Aimee Mann. Of the three, Camille was definitely the best.

Why not Ms. Mann? It wasn't because she was sick and croaking - I have infinite respect for her desire to Go On With The Show, and to do her best to recast the songs into keys and vocal ranges she could handle. I repeat: that wasn't the problem.

The problem was that this was her Christmas Show, which was more of a variety thing and less of an actual concert. The "guest list" looked interesting, yet sadly we saw no one that really was up to her level. For example, Ben Lee, a Jew from Oz (we know this because he mentioned it several times), sang some of his songs. Far from the interesting stuff Aimee does, his seemed derivative and bland. Even his call-and-response song was boring. The Channukkah (to add in all the possibilities for that word) Fairy was... horrific? Pointless? And the comedic bits dragged on.

Part of me wants to say that this was all because of the rejiggering of the show to accommodate the illness, and part of me wants to say that it was simply ill-conceived.

I guess if I want to hear her stuff, I'll have to get CDs or wait until she does a real concert. Because when she was on stage, singing (however badly), she was quite good.

ETA: Laryngitis? Poor Aimee!

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