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Time to take care of the backfiles again...

  • MPOW is now "closed" for Winter Break (staff and administrators will still be working, but teachers and students are off enjoying the next two weeks). When we come back, I need to start thinking about staffing for next year; I know of one need we need to fill and there are potentially others. So, what am I looking for? Definitely not this.
  • More from MPOW, this time regarding our rebuilding of the collection. One of my staff and I were checking in the latest Big Shipment of Books (2,000+) and were discussing things like "should this series go here or here?" and "why is Ubu Roi in the 700s not the 800s?". Then we started thinking about biographies. As adults, 40+ years old, we know to use a biography section -- we even read them for fun. We used that section as children, and read biographies for fun back then. Students still do read biographies for fun (just ask any 4th grader about a local sports hero) but they don't get the separation of the person from the subject. For example, why wouldn't Anne Frank be in with the other books on WWII? or why is Kevin Garnett not near the books on the Celtics or basketball? So we've decided to eliminate the biography section and move the books to more "appropriate" shelves. Then we started talking about BISAC and wondering how we could incorporate that into our catalog, without losing Dewey.
  • Nancy's comments about her attempts to lessen the impact of sending many physical cards reminded me of Tim Worstall's comments about recycling. Somewhere between the two lies a happy medium, methinks.
  • It's Gift Giving Month (what with Chanukah being so early this year) and perhaps time to start on a lifetime reading plan. Next week's Links post will point you in some good directions for spending your newfound lucre or gift cards. On books, natch.
  • Yet more advice on ways to protect your privacy (this time, your Social Security Number). And why Google's knol might not be such a good idea.

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