Voting bloc(k)

Today is election day - the last before The Big Election of 2008. Most of the races are for local positions (mayor, councilman, local legislature, judges), yet they're still contested as hotly as those for national office.

My problem is with people like my parents, who vote party line rather than because they agree with the person's position. While they don't live in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg poses a good example of this type of voter's dilemma: first, he was a Democrat (YAY!), who became a Republican (BOOOO!) to run for NYC Mayor. Now he's an Independent (HUH?). Does that mean his thinking about policy, his decisions about governing and his personal beliefs have changed? No. It means he's being politically expedient.

So, what's the party bloc voter to do?

There are Democrats out there that I agree with and support. There are Democrats out there that I wouldn't vote for if they were the last Democrat standing. There are Republicans out there that I agree with and support. Etc.

For each election, I choose to vote for the candidate that I think will best represent me and my interests. If they're Liberal, or Green or Martian, that's ok. And perhaps they won't win. But it's wrong to just vote party line - it's giving up your right to choose, and, in essence, giving up your franchise.

Don't worry about which line on the ballot the candidate you think best represents you: do your homework, learn about all of them and what they stand for. You may be surprised by who you really do support, who really does resonate with you. Letting the Party tell you who may lead to voting for the wrong person.

Then vote.


stj said...

Do you actually believe that people think before they vote? Unfortunately we're represented by gamblers instead of leaders who are only concerned with the sound of their own voices.
Congress is giving Bush a run for his money in bad poll ratings and do they care? No is the answer.
Bi-partisanship? Bad word.
I know too many Dems who still believed that the election was stolen from Gore. Well, here's one Dem who voted for Gore and says get over it. The man couldn't carry his own state. That sound you heard on 9/12/2001 was the Dems exhaling thanking whatever force that they didn't win the election.
I would like to think that people have had enough but they'll prove me wrong on election day.
This 2008 election, to me, is the perfect time for a 3rd party but that will happen when hell freezes over as the 2 main parties have too much at stake for their own selfish reasons.
Like too many people I talk to we're tired of holding our noses and voting for the lesser of 2 evils....to vote for someone who actually has a plan, has some vision, would be a welcome relief.
This will be a pivotal election but we all know what we're going to get...more of the same, fingerpointing, blaming, etc.
The American people deserve better but they're too busy caught up in the self-indulgent ways of our society and their only concern seems to be what's in it for me.
Hmmmm, maybe we are getting what we deserve. That shining beacon that was America has been turning into a candle in the wind (really sorry about that one)and we better wake up or it'll be out and then we're really going to be stuck.

Aravis said...

I agree with you, LG. I've always preferred to know my candidates as much as possible, and then I vote for the one with whom I agree most.

I'd say more, but I'm off to vote. And I'll even be voting for a Republican. *G*