Remind me again why they're still on?

Contrary to my usual ignoring of SNL, I decided to tape this week's show (the one with Brian Williams and Feist). Why? Because Brian Williams can be funny - I've seen him on "Daily Show" and he's got a sense of humor. Problem? SNL is not funny, and hasn't been for a very, very long time.

The opening skit was fun, giving rise to a chuckle or two. Beyond that? I fast-forwarded through to Feist, pausing occasionally to see the Guest Host in Good Skits. Sigh. No such thing existed. Now, that might be just my opinion (Thing Two is on a multi-year campaign to convince me that fart jokes are always funny and that South Park is the best thing on tv, so what do I know?). But I'm sticking with that, and I won't be watching (or speeding through) again.

I don't know anyone my age, who really remembers the first cast and the days when the show was funny, who watches any more. What puzzles me is why they don't just pull the plug.


camillofan said...

There were other funny SNL casts besides that first one, and I guess the hope is that they'll strike gold (or silver) again.

As to why it stays on the air in the meantime, someone must be making money!

camillofan said...

Brian Williams was good on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," too.

Lazygal said...

I don't get NPR, but I'll bet he was very funny.