Puzzling it out

Another blogger posted a poll, asking "how many posts/week" would be good (for that blog). One of the comments said that more than two/week felt like spam, even with RSS.

That got me thinking. Yesterday, I posted three times in one hour. Not long, provocative posts but still: three. Last week, I posted twice, while the week before nine times (and I'm stopping the count there). Is this too much? The purpose behind this blog wasn't necessarily to inform, or entertain, or enlighten - it was to serve as an outlet for miscellaneous musings and rants and whatnot and alleviate e-mail "spam" sent to various friends and colleagues.

You see, not every piece of writing is important and not every thought needs to be shared. Here, in blog format, you the reader choose to visit and read (or not). If I were to send you an e-mail, you'd probably feel obligated to at least open it, if not respond to it. Here, you don't have to respond and if you choose not to read, that's fine.

One could suggest that I've got nothing of import to say/share/post most of the time, that I don't need to have a blog because, after all, who am I? And one might be right. It might be better for me to have a private diary, recording these things for my own personal re-reading. It might also be better for me - for many of us - not to blog as often, not to rant as publically, not to "bother" the masses with all the mental clutterdumps that seem to be the majority of posts on blogs.

Perhaps I'll save my posts for the Really Big Stuff. Perhaps not. The commenter's point about blogpostspam is something to consider.


Aravis said...

If the person doesn't like blog posts, then perhaps they shouldn't read blogs; that's rather the idea of them. Or, if they prefer less prolific blogs, they can choose to subscribe only to those which meet their criteria. It's like watching t.v.- if you don't like what's on, change the channel.

The bloggers (and readers of blogs) with whom I've come in contact prefer steady, daily postings. Too few, and they think the blog is dead or dying, and start to tune out.

A private diary doesn't supply social interaction, reaffirmation or lively discussion. I suppose, therefore, the choice to blog or to journal would depend on what it is that you're looking for when you write.

I've never kept a diary nearly as long as I've kept a blog.

Anonymous said...

Now people think they get a vote as to how frequently others' blogs should be updated, and presumably on the length and permissible level of triviality of subject matter?


You keep posting; I'll keep checking in a couple of times a day. When it is determined that over-frequent blog posting harms the environment, we can talk about responsible limits.

Lazygal said...

Cam, the Zen Habits blog posted a poll - they invited comment, it wasn't unsolicited.

Aravis, I'm not a huge fan of "must post daily" blogs. There are a few I read that do post that often, but most post on a less frequent schedule (a couple post weekly, for example). I'd consider it spam if they were posting just because they have to do it daily; I'd rather have some quality rather than mere quantity.

Murphy Jacobs said...

LG, the point is, YOU Have control over how often you read a blog's posts and which blogs you read. Asking a blogger to cater to your particular desires (or others asking you do to do) is not only (IN MY OPINION) highly ridiculous and reeking overly of control issues, but a waste of time. If you think the advice is worthwhile, by all means, follow it. If you think they need more fiber in their diets, that's just as acceptable.

What you don't want to read, DON'T READ. What you want to post, POST. Do not be dictated to by anything but your own desires, wishes, impulses and preferences.

Some blogs post daily or more, and have HUGE followings. Others post less frequently and do fine. Blogs of both kinds also toil on in relative obscurity. In the end, It Doesn't Matter. I mean, either you like your news via 24/7 cable TV or you like a once a month news magazine -- it's your option.

Those who feel they not only CAN but SHOULD inform the rest of the world what that world is supposed to do irritate me more than drivers on cell phones with their left turn signal on in the right turn lane. Aren't there enough people who feel they have a divine right to dictate behavior to all and sundry?

I say it's your blog and you can cry if you want to.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure I understand your response to my comment.