Overheard at MPOW

Over the past few months, the following statements have been made by colleagues. Just thought I'd share some Friday Fun:
  • We are professionally obligated to like him
  • Soggy is the new crisp
  • Wouldn't Copraedic Grin be a great name for a blog?
Who says working in a school can't be fun?


Sherri said...

I have developed a deep animosity toward phrases built around "This is the new that". I'm waiting until someone else says "Stupid is the new smart." Then I may have to shoot someone and say "Crazy is the new sane!"

Laura said...

Sherri, I usually agree with you but in this case (and it really was a "you had to be there" moment)... we have this tradition of Thursday afternoon nibbles, and one colleague picked up a cracker and cheese - the cracker literally bent under the weight of the cheese, sagging badly. He commented on the soggy aspect, and then this other colleague said "soggy is the new crisp!"