Making a list

It's that time of year - a time to overeat, overindulge, overspend. I've got a number of "spend quality time with friends" events planned, in addition to plans to find time to find the perfect gift for my nearest, dearest and a few assorted others.

To aid confused elves (as a friend of mine puts it), I've split my Things I Want lists into one for books (Lazygal's Book Lists) and one for "other stuff" (Lazygal's Wish List) - this is not a hint to readers but offered as a possible suggestion list for others in your lives.

Here's the problem: several times I've been given gifts by others that mean a lot to them, but I have absolutely no use for and honestly don't want. Thing One is threatening that this year (he hates my landline phones and wants to get me others that meet his standards, but I'm perfectly happy with what I have and see absolutely no need to waste money on this and would resent having to change my phones to suit him).

It's not as easy as getting (yet another) cat tshotshke, easily displayable for a while and then moved... it's an entirely other type of "oh god, Noooooooo" gift. So, dear readers, how would you handle this dilemma?

ETA: Thing One has sworn off the phone idea (although he does say I could use one in the basement/laundry room and a better answering machine). My question wasn't just about that gift, but those sorts of gift in general, from any one, not just him.


camillofan said...

I'd blog it and hope he reads the post! :-)

Alice in Infoland said...

I think the correct spelling is tChotChke, rather than with S's. It's not a soft word.

Lazygal said...

http://www.yiddishdictionaryonline.com/ - definitely 's' (although I exchanged the 'a' for an 'o'). Maybe it's different for the different variations of Yiddish?