Come Saturday Morning

I'm curling up in bed with The Boys, reading and snoozing my way back to health after a long couple of weeks.

Some blogging to follow, but for the most part it's snuggle time. Besides, Hurricane Noel is somewhere in the vacinity - you wouldn't want me to actually go out in that mess, would you?

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Aravis said...

Absolutely not! My step-father is named Noel, and he always makes a mess for others to clean up. I can only imagine what a mess he would make at hurricane strength! *G*

BTW, I used you and your fire at MPOW as inspiration for my spreadsheet/charts assignment this week. I needed lots of data and variables, enough to make 3 different types of charts from. Then I had to take the charts and insert them into a Word document as though making a presentation. I'm sure my figures, etc., were far off the mark, but as long as the math holds up, that's all that the professor cares about.

Anyway, thanks for indirect assist. I appreciate it! :0)