From the subject line of a spam message: Overstep the bounds of the impossible - enlarge your phallus!

As LazyGAL, I'd say it's definitely impossible. Improbable and implausible, too.


Things You Didn't Know About Me

  1. I don't tolerate caffeine well. Usually, decaf is more than enough to keep me up, and I actually prefer tea. However, every now and then I have a cup of coffee. Unlike Thing One, who drinks his "regular", or Thing Two who drinks his black, I add lots of milk (or cream or half-and-half) and sugar (or sugar substitute) to my coffee, or decaf. Yesterday, at 11am, I had a cup - actually, probably more like 1 1/2 - 2 cups, given the size of the mug. Definitely in the range of a Starbucks "tall". Despite turkey and the attending tryptophan, and half a bottle of a decent Pinot Gris, I didn't sleep last night. It's all the coffee's fault.
  2. I hate windchimes. Yes, I know some (like Woodstock Chimes) are quite nice sounding, and if it's a calm day with a bit of a breeze they're not bad. But... last night (while I wasn't sleeping) it was quite windy. Gusty, even. And those (*%^*#$@ windchimes did not make my night any easier.

I think that's enough for now - gotta keep the sense of mystery going, right?


Making a list

It's that time of year - a time to overeat, overindulge, overspend. I've got a number of "spend quality time with friends" events planned, in addition to plans to find time to find the perfect gift for my nearest, dearest and a few assorted others.

To aid confused elves (as a friend of mine puts it), I've split my Things I Want lists into one for books (Lazygal's Book Lists) and one for "other stuff" (Lazygal's Wish List) - this is not a hint to readers but offered as a possible suggestion list for others in your lives.

Here's the problem: several times I've been given gifts by others that mean a lot to them, but I have absolutely no use for and honestly don't want. Thing One is threatening that this year (he hates my landline phones and wants to get me others that meet his standards, but I'm perfectly happy with what I have and see absolutely no need to waste money on this and would resent having to change my phones to suit him).

It's not as easy as getting (yet another) cat tshotshke, easily displayable for a while and then moved... it's an entirely other type of "oh god, Noooooooo" gift. So, dear readers, how would you handle this dilemma?

ETA: Thing One has sworn off the phone idea (although he does say I could use one in the basement/laundry room and a better answering machine). My question wasn't just about that gift, but those sorts of gift in general, from any one, not just him.


Notable Quotes

Consumption is political, and politics is a form of consumption.

Judith Levine, Not Buying It


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Have you changed the world for the better?

Donna has. I'm so proud she's part of my family!

And if you're in the Newton MA area on December 8, The Irving K. Zola Center for Persons with Disabilities (www.zolacenter.org) will hold their Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 8, 2007 from noon-3PM. They will provide food and entertainment and hope you will be able to join in. You can say "congratulations" to Donna in person (and, possibly, hello to me).

A laptop is not a human!

If you own a Toyota, you know what Librarian Avengers and I are talking about.


Overheard at MPOW

"Do you have the original text? The rabbit ate your college essay" (teacher to student)

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Voting bloc(k)

Today is election day - the last before The Big Election of 2008. Most of the races are for local positions (mayor, councilman, local legislature, judges), yet they're still contested as hotly as those for national office.

My problem is with people like my parents, who vote party line rather than because they agree with the person's position. While they don't live in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg poses a good example of this type of voter's dilemma: first, he was a Democrat (YAY!), who became a Republican (BOOOO!) to run for NYC Mayor. Now he's an Independent (HUH?). Does that mean his thinking about policy, his decisions about governing and his personal beliefs have changed? No. It means he's being politically expedient.

So, what's the party bloc voter to do?

There are Democrats out there that I agree with and support. There are Democrats out there that I wouldn't vote for if they were the last Democrat standing. There are Republicans out there that I agree with and support. Etc.

For each election, I choose to vote for the candidate that I think will best represent me and my interests. If they're Liberal, or Green or Martian, that's ok. And perhaps they won't win. But it's wrong to just vote party line - it's giving up your right to choose, and, in essence, giving up your franchise.

Don't worry about which line on the ballot the candidate you think best represents you: do your homework, learn about all of them and what they stand for. You may be surprised by who you really do support, who really does resonate with you. Letting the Party tell you who may lead to voting for the wrong person.

Then vote.


Puzzling it out

Another blogger posted a poll, asking "how many posts/week" would be good (for that blog). One of the comments said that more than two/week felt like spam, even with RSS.

That got me thinking. Yesterday, I posted three times in one hour. Not long, provocative posts but still: three. Last week, I posted twice, while the week before nine times (and I'm stopping the count there). Is this too much? The purpose behind this blog wasn't necessarily to inform, or entertain, or enlighten - it was to serve as an outlet for miscellaneous musings and rants and whatnot and alleviate e-mail "spam" sent to various friends and colleagues.

You see, not every piece of writing is important and not every thought needs to be shared. Here, in blog format, you the reader choose to visit and read (or not). If I were to send you an e-mail, you'd probably feel obligated to at least open it, if not respond to it. Here, you don't have to respond and if you choose not to read, that's fine.

One could suggest that I've got nothing of import to say/share/post most of the time, that I don't need to have a blog because, after all, who am I? And one might be right. It might be better for me to have a private diary, recording these things for my own personal re-reading. It might also be better for me - for many of us - not to blog as often, not to rant as publically, not to "bother" the masses with all the mental clutterdumps that seem to be the majority of posts on blogs.

Perhaps I'll save my posts for the Really Big Stuff. Perhaps not. The commenter's point about blogpostspam is something to consider.

Notable Quotes

I'm learning the art of being content. Doing very little. Slowly.
As Time Goes By, Season Six Episode Two



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Ok, I was raised in the Jewish tradition and currently worship as a Quaker, so perhaps I'm missing some basic understanding of the Catholic faith and practice (although Thing One's family is Catholic and I've been to many, many Church events over the past 20 years). But really: how much do the priests drink during Mass? Anyone remember this joke? Guess in Ireland, it's almost reality.

Remind me again why they're still on?

Contrary to my usual ignoring of SNL, I decided to tape this week's show (the one with Brian Williams and Feist). Why? Because Brian Williams can be funny - I've seen him on "Daily Show" and he's got a sense of humor. Problem? SNL is not funny, and hasn't been for a very, very long time.

The opening skit was fun, giving rise to a chuckle or two. Beyond that? I fast-forwarded through to Feist, pausing occasionally to see the Guest Host in Good Skits. Sigh. No such thing existed. Now, that might be just my opinion (Thing Two is on a multi-year campaign to convince me that fart jokes are always funny and that South Park is the best thing on tv, so what do I know?). But I'm sticking with that, and I won't be watching (or speeding through) again.

I don't know anyone my age, who really remembers the first cast and the days when the show was funny, who watches any more. What puzzles me is why they don't just pull the plug.


Come Saturday Morning

I'm curling up in bed with The Boys, reading and snoozing my way back to health after a long couple of weeks.

Some blogging to follow, but for the most part it's snuggle time. Besides, Hurricane Noel is somewhere in the vacinity - you wouldn't want me to actually go out in that mess, would you?


Overheard at MPOW

Over the past few months, the following statements have been made by colleagues. Just thought I'd share some Friday Fun:
  • We are professionally obligated to like him
  • Soggy is the new crisp
  • Wouldn't Copraedic Grin be a great name for a blog?
Who says working in a school can't be fun?