My schedule just gets busier and busier - Monday and Tuesday were back-to-back meetings. Yesterday and today I had a "coffee" with parents regarding the Rebuilding of the Library, and tonight I continue to unpack the 88 boxes of Insta-Lower-School-Library (photos to come). I've also been working 6-day weeks, with Upper School Parent's Day, Admissions Open House and this weekend's PSATs/Alumni Weekend. Whew!

So, what's in my future?
  • PSATs/Alumni Weekend (with another Rebuilding the Library coffee) - Oct 20
  • AASL in Reno (which, of course, I'll be blogging) - Oct 25-27
  • another Rebuilding the Library session, in the evening - Oct 29
  • yet another Rebuilding the Library session, in NYC in the evening - Nov. 5
  • a election party for Paul Valentine - Nov. 6
  • my mother's 70th birthday (including a trip to SmallCity USA) - Nov. 10
  • the annual NYSAIS conference at Mohonk - Nov. 14-16
  • Cyrano on Broadway - Nov. 16
Not to mention the backlog of posts on my recent meeting with other, local librarians on The Future of Fantasy - Post Harry Potter and the whole School Library 2.0 issue and the Rebuilding Process. Fingers will be flying anon!

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Sherri said...

Ooooo can't wait to hear about Cyrano! I love love LOVE that play.