Too old for my former neighborhood

I spent Saturday in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill with Thing One. When we'd moved in (in 1993), we were some of the youngest people there - the neighborhood wasn't quite "hip" yet, and there were a lot of little old Italian ladies and men around. There were many more Social Clubs than Starbucks, the bank tellers and grocery clerks spoke Italian and the whole place felt like a real neighborhood.

Since then, there's been a lot of change. Smith Street is now "in", with restaurants replacing little shops. There are four Starbucks and many older bakeries (including Cammereri, of Moonlighting Moonstruck fame) have closed. And, of course, changes to our favorite cafe. The vibe is younger, yuppier, hipper and more superficial and fleeting.

We went to the Cobble Hill Cinema, once voted as having the Best Popcorn in NYC by New York Magazine, and saw an ad for Smith & Vine. I've been looking to get a case or so of sherry, so I suggested we go. What a mistake. Easily 10-20 years older than anyone in the store, and clearly not Young & Beautiful, we were ignored. Pity, because I was planning a major purchase, and (had I liked them) come back.

I don't mind feeling old in comparison to my students, or knowing that in a few short years, AARP will be after me for my very own membership (I already have one thanks to Thing One). I do mind that I'm nearly invisible and unwanted in a place I called home for 12 years, particularly when I only left two years ago.


Anonymous said...

a small correction...I believe you meant Moonstruck and not Moonlighting. I've sent a note to S&V and, of course, no response but that might be due to the holiday. have a small bet with myself that they won't respond or if they do it'll be blathering on about apologies, never happened before etc.

the neighborhood has gone so down hill with the hip, younger crowd I almost miss the sounds of 9MM's going off in the distance at night.
at least you knew there wouldn't be a starbucks opening every other block.

Murphy Jacobs said...

I'm going in reverse here. Currently I live in an area high in retirees. I'm moving to a college town -- smack dab into it, as The Husband will be a student.

I'm wondering just how it's all going to work.