Is it me?

School librarians are supposed to be all about collaboration - inside and outside the library, inside and outside the school. For me, though, that hasn't quite been working out and I'm starting to think it's me. You decide...

A few years ago, before the AASL conference in Indianapolis, I was planning a joint presentation on Independent School Library Evaluation. Another librarian (in another state) and I were working on leading a discussion, possibly set up a task force on this so that our regional, state and national Independent School Organizations (like NAIS and NYSAIS) had more valid criteria on which to evaluate us. My "partner" disappeared, not returning e-mails or phone calls. The day before I left for Indy, she resurfaced saying she'd been ill and that she'd FedEx the things she had to my at the hotel. I ended up at Kinko's, redoing all the handouts. And, of course, I presented alone.

About that time, my sister and I were planning a baby shower for our cousin. Suddenly, my sister was unavailable via phone or e-mail. She did come to the party, but I'd had to arrange everything (including the RSVPs, the food, the decorations) by myself.

Two years ago, my sister and I decided to eBay an incredibly ugly set of china our grandmother had given us. She had the entire set, it was going to be "no bother", as a friend of hers was Ms. eBay and would handle it all. 18 months later... nothing. I called. I e-mailed. Nothing. Turns out she'd left the US for Canada (my sister, not her friend).

And now, here I am in Reno. One of my charges for this trip was to help plan the Independent School Section reception - I was one of the Main Greeter Elves. My co-Greeter Elf and I did some planning, some e-mailing. And then... nothing. Just heard that she's sick and won't be here. No word on if anything she got for the event will be sent here by tonight.

So, is it me? Should I just go solo from now on? Or should I give this collaboration thing another try?

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