As many of you know, at MPOW we've gone from a K-12 library to a K-4 library and a 5-12 library. So there's all sorts of supplies and stuff that need to be duplicated. And then there was the fire, so all that stuff needed to be reordered.

One of the Really Helpful things in a library is a bookcart. We ordered three for the K-4 space, and they arrived in July. We reordered them in August. They arrived... our Purchasing Manager checked them in... and then two disappeared.

These are bookcarts. Not exciting stuff - like the 42" flat panel tv that someone ordered, or the many, many computers ordered to replace those that burned. Bookcarts.

Pimp My Bookcart notwithstanding, is there really a black market in the things? I mean, they're bookcarts.


Karmon said...

I'd be tempted to steal one, especially a wooden one. But I've not been near your library, so don't look at me.

Sherri said...

I'd find it awfully tempting, too, but I'm also holding out for a wooden one (Levenger, your catalog incites lust). Also, I'm much too far south.

Some people there are who will steal a thing simply because it does not belong to them.